Fish, Ships and Quarry Chips

A History of Eureka Lodge No. 84, by Wallace M. Gage, published 1981

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"From time immemorial it has been the custom of Masons to assemble with the family and friends of a departed Brother to honor his memory and to voice their sympathy to those whom he loved and who loved him."

When a Mason passes to the "undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveller returns," his Lodge is often asked, either by the Brother prior to his death, or by his immediate survivors, to conduct the Masonic funeral or memorial service, either at the graveside or funeral parlor customarily on the evening prior to burial.

Eureka Lodge has done this on many occasions. Seventy eight instances appear in the minute books, and there are undoubtedly others which were never recorded. Several of these services were done for sojourners (Masons who were members of other lodges), but most were for Eureka's own members.

Masonic funeral customs vary from time to time and from place to place. It is general practice nearly everywhere, to hold a brief memorial and drape the Lodge's charter or altar in addition to any Masonic funeral service which may be conducted. Flowers are often provided for the funeral or a contribution made to a charity, as the circumstances indicate. In Eureka Lodge, it is customary to adopt a Resolution of Respect, and a copy is sent to the deceased Brother's widow.

On several occasions the Lodge assisted in funeral arrangements either by requesting other lodges to ship the remains of a deceased brother home, or in paying for funeral expenses. Other entries show the Lodge extending its thanks to a lodge elsewhere for "courtesies and assistance rendered to Brother — in his last illness," or for conducting Masonic funeral services on its behalf."

In preparing a profile of the members of Eureka Lodge over a century and a quarter, local cemeteries were checked and graves of many former members of the Lodge were found. In the Ridge Cemetery, Martinsville, there were 56 found; in Seaside Cemetery. Tenants Harbor, 98; in Clark's Hill Cemetery, 10; North Parish Cemetery, Wiley's Corner, 35; and in Spruce Head Cemetery, 2. There are believed to be a number of others buried in unmarked graves. In the course of the search, many of these graves were found marked with the Square and Compasses on the headstone, indicating to posterity that here lies the body of a Master Mason.

As a part of the 125th anniversary program, the Lodge is undertaking to clean up several former members' graves which have become overgrown or otherwise neglected.

The first record of a Masonic funeral service by Eureka Lodge is found in the 1855 - 70 History of the Lodge, where it is noted that Brother Joseph Kinney, mate of the ship "ST. PATRICK" died in Liverpool and his remains were brought home and buried with Masonic honors. In another instance, Brother EA Alexander Hathorn, master of the schooner "JOHN McADAM", died of yellow fever in Charleston, S.C. Arrangements were made with the lodge there for his remains to be sent home for burial. It is also recorded that Thomas K. Davis, mate of the ship "CAVALIER" died at sea, and that "a sermon was preached at his home and such service performed as the circumstances would admit."

The final entry in the first History's Mortuary Record relates that Captain Dennis F. Tracey, master of the Barque "REUNION" died in Savannah, Georgia, and that his remains were brought home and buried in Seaside Cemetery with Masonic honors by Eureka Lodge, assisted by King Solomon's Royal Arch Chapter.

The minutes from then on show Masonic funeral services conducted frequently. In the list of them shown below, the date is that of the service. Where known, the place of burial is also given. The notation "S&C" indicates that the Masonic Square and Compasses appears on the gravestone.

April 4, 1871 James D. Weed Unknown
January 13, 1873 William S. Codman Camden, Maine
June 24, 1877 John L. Tracey Seaside Cemetery
January 10,1878 George K.Davis Seaside Cemetery (S&C)
October 16, 1879 Edwin Meloney Ridge Cemetery
June 9, 1884 Samuel H. Jackson Seaside Cemetery
August 17, 1886 William A. Elwell Seaside Cemetery
March 11, 1890 Jackson G. Watts Unknown
May 14, 1890 Louis Lowell Ridge Cemetery (S&C)
April 14, 1891 Francis Clark Unknown
September 5, 1891 Isaac Fountain Ridge Cemetery
March 1, 1893 John H. Long Unknown
February 21, 1894 Samuel L. Davis Ridge Cemetery (S&C)
March 14, 1894 Simon Pierson Seaside Cemetery
June 21, 1895 John D. Snow Seaside Cemetery
July 21, 1895 Enoch R. Clark Clark's Hill Cemetery
August ?, 1896 Henry Wiley Unknown
May 2, 1897 John A. Hobbs Unknown
October 1, 1897 George W. Barter Ridge Cemetery (S&C)
September 29, 1900 Nathan Bachelder Ridge Cemetery
November 22, 1901 John M. Clark Unknown
March 6, 1903 Sewall A. Wheeler Seaside Cemetery
December 8, 1904 Charles R. Hupper Ridge Cemetery
May 30, 1905 William W. Ferguson Clark's Hill Cemetery (S&C)
November 23, 1906 John H. Gardner Ridge Cemetery
January 23, 1907 Alfred Butman Ridge Cemetery
February 14, 1907 Walter H. Mathews Seaside Cemetery
July 16, 1907 Orris C. Hathorn Seaside Cemetery (S&C)
July 30, 1907 Charles Lucas Seaside Cemetery (S&C)
August 12, 1908 Henry Dukeshire Unknown
April 4, 1909 William Dunbar Unknown
April 3, 1910 William Dwyer Ridge Cemetery (S&C)
February 19, 1911 George Slingsby No. Parish Cemetery
April 11, 1911 Joseph Meservey Ridge Cemetery
August 22, 1911 James M. Smith Seaside Cemetery (S&C)
January 31, 1912 Albion K. Meservey Clark's Hill Cemetery
January 16, 1915 John Nairn No. Parish Cemetery (S&C)
April 7, 1915 Frederick Sheerer Seaside Cemetery
August 8, 1915 George F. Brown Seaside Cemetery
March 11, 1916 Thomas J. Wheeler Seaside Cemetery (S&C)
November 19, 1916 Oscar F. Nelson No. Parish Cemetery
December 4, 1916 John S. Smalley Seaside Cemetery
January 15, 1918 George Nairn No. Parish Cemetery (S&C)
May 19, 1919 Paul G. Rivers Seaside Cemetery
September 28, 1919 Hiram Russell Ridge Cemetery
November 27, 1921 Charles G. Crocker Seaside Cemetery (S&C)
December 27, 1922 Albion Andrews Seaside Cemetery
June 6, 1924 Samuel Hawkins, Jr. No. Parish Cemetery
August 21, 1924 David H. Sumner Seaside Cemetery (S&C)
November 14, 1925 David W.Giles Seaside Cemetery (S&C)
May 11, 1926 William J. Caddy No. Parish Cemetery (S&C)
July 24, 1931 Josiah W. Hupper Ridge Cemetery
August 16,1931 George Wood No. Parish Cemetery
August 27, 1932 George K. Marshall Ridge Cemetery
February 1, 1934 John A. Ewell No. Parish Cemetery
July 3, 1934 Fred N. Hart Seaside Cemetery (S&C)
September 10, 1935 Warren Philbrook Unknown
February 15, 1937 George B. Smith Seaside Cemetery
June 24, 1939 Weston H. Wiley Seaside Cemetery (S&C)
January 16,1940 Charles C. Wall Seaside Cemetery
November 13, 1943 Sewall H. Wagel Seaside Cemetery
June 10, 1945 Frank H. Pierson Ridge Cemetery
June 17, 1945 Herbert A. Elwell Spruce Head Cemetery
August 27, 1948 Charles W.Allen Seaside Cemetery (Soj.)
February 4. 1949 Abraham Benson Clark's Hill Cemetery
November 2, 1964 Henry Paterson Seaside Cemetery
February 5, 1970 Harland L. Rawley Seaside Cemetery
January 30, 1971 Reddington Sprague Clark's Hill Cemetery
April 5, 1975 Clarence J. Dwyer Ridge Cemetery
September 11, 1975 Donald Doe Unknown (Soj.)
May 12, 1976 Erland Swanson Unknown (Soj.)
June 19, 1976 Donald Pendleton Unknown
January 14, 1977 Eric Harjula (DDGM- Service

performed by RW Arthur C. Frieder)
May 10, 1980 Albert W. Smith Seaside Cemetery




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