Ralph J. Pollard #217 Lodge History

December 5, 1946 to January 1956

Compiled and written by Bros. Henry  R. Wright and Wm. D. Nickerson

History Highlights of Ralph J. Pollard Lodge - Continued

Saturday, April 24, 1954

A Special Communication was held by Grand Lodge at the request of Ralph J. Pollard Lodge No. 217 for the purpose of laying the corner stone of the new temple. Present were:


Benjamin W. Ela   Most Worshipful Grand Master
Paul L. Powers R.W. Deputy Grand Master
Arthur W. Seaward R.W. Senior Grand Warden
Clifford H. M. Perry R.W. Junior Grand Warden
John C. Condon as R.W. Grand Treasurer
Convers E. Leach R.W. Grand Secretary
Earle D. Webster R.W. Cor. Grand Secretary
Aubrey L. Burbank as R.W. Grand Chaplain
Rev. Milton McGorrill R.W. Grand Chaplain
Frederick C. Lounder R.W. Grand Lecturer
Benjamin Butler W. Grand Master     Webmaster note: should be Marshal
Floyd E. Anderson W. Grand Senior Deacon
Raymond M. Rideout as W. Grand Junior Deacon
Leslie Libby W. Grand Steward
Angus O. MacLoud as W. Grand Steward
Harold M. Starbird W. Grand Steward
Royal D. Cleaves W. Grand Sword Bearer
John M. Halfyard W. Grand Standard Bearer

District Deputy Grand Masters, Merrill R. Kittredge, Frederick W. Amborn, Wm. A. Hartshorn, Walter P. Townsend and Roland W. Cornish.

Past Most Worshipful Grand Masters, George F. Giddings, Charles E. Crossland, Carroll N. Keene, Erwin E. J. Lander and Ralph J. Pollard.

Past Senior Grand Wardens, Willis A. Ricker, Wm. A. Ricker, Wm. A. Levensalor, George R. Caswell.

Past Junior Grand Wardens, Carroll S. Douglass, Harry S. Grindall, Arthur W. Stockbridge, Wesley L. Oxton, James A. Sanker, Harry Rollins and Adin L. Hopkins,

The Officers of Ralph J. Pollard Lodge were -

Leland C. Mitchell W. M.
Sumner P. Bridges S. W.
Herbert R. Sawyer J. W.
Edward H. Moore Treas.
Wm. D. Nickerson Secr'y.
Melvin R. Young Chaplain
Robert E. Glidden S. D.
Carleton E. King J. D.
Ronald R. Robertson S. S.
Donald S. Reed J. S.
F. Wm. Homsted Marshal
Raymond H. Sawyer Tyler
Merle C. Watson Organist

There was a large number of the members of Ralph J. Pollard Lodge and many visiting brethren.

Preceded by a band, and escorted by the above named, the Grand Lodge proceeded to the new Temple where the corner stone was laid according to ancient usages and customs of the Fraternity.

The Grand Lodge returned to the hall and was duly closed with a prayer by Rev. Milton McGorrill, Grand Chaplain.

A banquet was furnished by members of the Eastern Star, after which a Special Communication of Ralph J. Pollard Lodge was held with work in the Fellow Craft Degree, and an address by M. W. Ralph J. Pollard.


Convers E. Leach
Grand Secretary

Cornerstone Laying

Cornerstone Laying of new Masonic Temple - Saturday, April 24, 1954 - Orrington. Maine

Contents of the box placed in the cornerstone.

    1. A copy of the History of the Grand Lodge of Maine by M. W. Ralph J. Pollard.
    2. A copy of the speech given by M. W. Brother Ralph J. Pollard at the Constitution of this Lodge.
    3. A copy of the program at the Constitution of this Lodge.
    4. The corn used at the Constitution ceremony of this Lodge.
    5. Early history of this Lodge.
    6. A copy of the Constitution and Standing Regulations of the Grand Lodge of Maine.
    7. A copy of the by-laws of this Lodge.
    8. A list of the charter officers and members of this Lodge.
    9. A list of the present officers and members of this Lodge.
    10. A list of the meambers of the building committee for this temple.
    11. A copy of today's program.

It is felt advisable to not mention any Brothers by name who worked on the new Temple for fear that some names would be left out unintentionally. The Temple was built by the combined efforts of every member of the Lodge.

The Lodge was very fortunate in getting the donation of power equipment. Bro. Jerry Costain, Supervisor of the Warren Bros. Construction Co., donated the use of the power shovel and bulldozer that dug the hole for our basement. Bro. Roger Holyoke ran the equipment.

Bro. Frederick Hodgkins helped to bulldoze our grounds as did also Bro. Fred Clark. Bro, Hershel Peabody of St. Andrews, Bangor furnished a bulldozer.

Trucks were furnished by Bros. - Ford Bowden, Harry Fadham, Harold Maloon, Fred Clark, Athelbert Crook, Carl Powers, Clifford Bowden, Bud Parker, Newell Kent, Wendell Folsom, Amos Coty, Robert and Roger Howard and Doc. Winchester. If any names are omitted it is entirely by mistake.

Bro, Lewis J. Sawyer donated the gravel fill for the base.

Bro. Allen Pierce donated all of the gravel for cement work.

Bro. Wilbur Clark donated rocks.

The marble cornerstone block as well as the marble over the front doorway came from the Stotesbury estate at Bar Harbor and given to us by Bro. Dave Peterson of the Lodge at Bar Harbor.

The theater seats were donated by a Bro. Nason of Melrose, Mass. and delivered without charge to our new Temple. The contacts were made through Bro. Ralph Vose a member of a Mass. Lodge.

All of the bricks used in the new Temple are from Chipman, N. B. They are of a better grade than the local bricks and were felt to be cheaper when breakage was considered.

Bro. Herbert Sawyer became a newly elected member to the Building Committee.

Several things were tried at raising money as the building progressed and among them were a magazine drive with Bro. Wm. D. Nickerson, Chairman.

Bros. John Crook and Past Master Leland Mitchell are Co-Chairman of this year's drive. More than $125.00 was raised last year.

A very successful auction was held Saturday June 5, 1954 at the partly completed Temple. Articles of all kinds were donated and were collected by Bro. Athelbert B. Crook who reported the net proceeds of a little under $400.00. Bro. Perry S. S. Jackson gave his services as auctioneer.

It was felt during the building of the Temple that a Lodge publication would help to keep the brethren informed as to what was going on and to keep the interest up. Since some of the ladies felt that it could also be of benefit to the newly formed 0. E. S. Chapter, an appropriate name was chosen - The Masonic Star. Bro. Merton Clough accepted the job of Publisher and Editor.

At the 79th Stated Oct. 7, 1954 it was voted by the Lodge to have an assessment of $10.00 for each member to be applied to the building fund. Due credit to be given to donations already made.

First meeting in new Temple March 24, 1955.

Special Communication - E. A. Degree.

M. W. Bro. Ralph J. Pollard was present and expressed great pleasure at being with us. He spoke of the several milestones, of the progress of the Lodge- the formation and institution of the Lodge - its exemplification of the M. M. Degree at Portland and receipt of certificate of charter. The cornerstone laying of the new Temple and the occupancy - the dedication to be and then the burning of the mortgage.

He referred to R. W. Bro. John Condon as King Solomon in his wisdom and to Bro. Raymond Collins as Hiram Abiff the Builder. He spoke of the altar as the most beautiful he had ever seen and congratulated Bro. Edward Moore on his work in building it. He congratulated Bro. Herbert Sawyer for his tremendous effort without which our first meeting in our new Temple might have been much delayed. He congratulated the brethren of the Lodge for their support in money, time and materials without which there would be no Temple. He congratulated the Trustees of the Building Corporation as well as the Lodge Officers and prayed that God would bless our house, its labor and Master Mason's work.

Dedication of New Temple

Masonic Temple, Orrington, Maine

A Special Communication of Ralph J. Pollard Lodge was called for

The Dedication of the new Temple. Saturday, September 24, 1955.

Supper was served 5:30 to 7:00 by the Ladies,

The program was semi-public.

M. W. Paul L. Powers was present. His suite was as follows:

R.W. Aubrey L. Burbank   Deputy Grand Master
R. W. Royal C. Cleaves   Senior Grand Warden
R. W. Harold W. Blaisdell   Junior Grand Warden
R. W. Carroll W. Keene as Grand Treasurer
R. W. Convers E. Leach   Grand Secretary
W. Ernest Heywood   Grand Chaplain
R. W. Glen McGee   Grand Senior Deacon
M. W. Chas. E. Crossland as Grand Junior Deacon
W. Alpheus G. Dyer as Grand Marshal
R. W. Geo. R. Caswell as Grand Pursuivant
W. Henry Doherty   Grand Tyler
R. W. Merrill R. Kittredge   Grand Sword Bearer
W. Parker J. Jacoby   Grand Steward
W. Walter F. Townsend   Grand Steward

Also present were - R. W. Harry E. Rowe, R. W. Wm. A. Levensalor and R. W. Harry S. Grindall all of whom were Past Senior Grand Wardens.

R. W. James A. Sanker, R. W. Clifford H. M. Perry and R. W. Leaman W. Oxton all Past Junior Grand Wardens.

R. W. John C. Condon and M. W. Ralph J. Pollard were present. The Ralph J. Pollard Lodge Officers were:

Sumner P. Bridges W. M.
W. Leland C. Mitchell as S. W.
Robert Glidden J. W.
Edward H. Moore Treas.
Wm. D. Nickerson Secr'y.
Earl L. Hodgkins Chap.
W. Woodrow W. McLaughlin S. D.
Warren B. Sargent as J. D.
Donald S. Reed S. S.
Melvin R. Young J. S.
John A. Crook Marsh.
Hollis Kingsbury as Tyler

Finished Masonic Temple

New Masonic Temple, completed 1955 Orrington, Maine

Worshipful Sumner Bridges acted as Master of Ceremonies for the evening and received many congratulations on his fine work.

W. Bro. Raymond Collins who was so active in the successful construction of our new Temple, acted as Grand Architect for the very impressive Dedication ceremonies.

M. W. Paul Powers gave an interesting speech and presented the Lodge with a fine picture of M. W. Bro. Pollard.

R. W. Bro. Aubrey Burbank our Deputy Grand Master gave a very interesting talk in the nature of Masonic philosophy.

M. W. Bro. Pollard was the principal speaker of the evening and gave a very interesting talk dealing much with the growth and progress of our Lodge.

Bro. Wilfred Tremblay donated his services as Grand Organist as well as the use of his electric organ.

There were brief remarks by M. W. Carroll W. Keene, M. W. Chas. Crossland and R. W. Eugene Hamilton - Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mass.

A quartet and organist from Augusta added immeasureably to the fine evening program.

At our November 3, 1955 Stated Communication, Brother Nelson of Winterport presented to our Lodge for our new Temple, two pearl blue ashlars as a gift of Howard Lodge #69. The stones originally came from Norway, then through the Ford Foundation in Michigan. Acknowledgement and thanks were given by W. M. Bro. Bridges.

A Special Communication was called for Friday, December 10, 1955 for the first installation of officers bo be held in the new Masonic Temple. It was semi-public.

Officers installed were:

Herbert R. Sawyer W. M.
Robert E. Glidden S. W.
Donald S. Reed J. W.
Edward H. Moore Treas.
Wm. D. Nickerson Secr'y.
W. Sumner P. Bridges Chap.
Carleton E. King S. D.
Melvin R. Young J. D.
John A. Crook S. S.
Earl L. Hodgkins J. S.
George K. Corey Marsh.
Godfrey A. Quirion Tyler

R. W. Aubrey L. Burbank was installing officer and commended Wor. Bro. Sumner Bridges for his fine work for the year in which so many important events had transpired.

M. W. Bro. Ralph J. Pollard acted as Grand Chaplain and R. W. Bro. John Condon as Grand Marshal.

A brief talk was given by M. W. Bro. Pollard.

In closing this history it seems fitting that the words of a brother raised in our Lodge, Chairman of Building Fund Committee and the first to pass on to the Lodge above, should be repeated here - "What a wonderful place this town, state and country would be if we could get all Master Masons to live up to all their obligations."
                                                                       Bro. Paul A. Smith

We wish to give recognition to Bro. Burton A. Sawyer for the use of his three pictures of the start to the completed temple.

Apologies are extended here to our S. D. Bro. Carlton E. King who has had his first name misspelled in nearly every instance with an e which didn't belong.

Any other mistakes wherever they may be, apologies also.


Most Worshipful Ralph J. Pollard

Proofread by Ed

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