Proceedings of the Grand Lodge 1850

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One of the hopeful indications of progress the committee are happy to recognize in the reception of a Manual of Masonry, prepared under the supervision and sanction of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, by its distinguished Grand Secretary, R. W. John Dove.

The work referred to is a neat volume of 328 pages, entitled a " Masonic Text Book," and embraces " A History of Masons and Masonic Grand Lodges —The Constitution of Masonry, or Ahiman Rezon—A Digest of the Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, and Illustrations of masonic work in the degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason and Past Master, as drawn from Preston, Webb and others." The letter accompanying the work explains fully its design. The work displays admirable masonic qualities in its composition. The history of Masonry is ingenious and instructive, and the ancient Constitutions cannot well be too widely diffused or too well understood by the craft.

The digest of the laws and regulations of the Grand Lodge of Virginia will also be useful and instructive to younger sister Grand Lodges, as embodying the wisdom and experience of a venerable and prosperous branch of the masonic family. In the illustrations of masonic work there is evidence of masonic skill and fidelity to the ancient work as taught by its venerated lights, whose instructions have long guided and cheered us in our labors. Some slight alterations are noticeable in the work, on which the committee would not now comment, as this would be more appropriate if the Grand Lodge should decide to entertain the question of adopting the text book as a standard of its work.

The book is sent to us under a resolve of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, which provides that any Grand Lodge in the United States, if she shall think fit, may, on application, be invested with the copyright of the same for her jurisdiction.

The question of adopting it in this jurisdiction we prefer to leave with the Grand Lodge without forestalling its opinion. It is a question worthy to be entertained and is therefore submitted for that purpose. If found worthy of adoption, and if the several Grand Lodges of the Union should agree in making it a text book, with such variations in rules and regulations as should adapt it to the several jurisdictions, it might perhaps realize the wishes of the author, and of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, in establishing uniformity of work and legislation, at a comparatively trifling cost.

In closing this report the committee are happy to leave this question with all others committed to their care, in the hands of this Grand Lodge, with the assurance that they will receive the attention their importance may demand. They rejoice to leave the entire interests of our beloved order under

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the scrutiny of that Eye that never slumbers, and encircled by a Divine vigilance and care that never fails to protect the trusting and the faithful. All which is respectfully submitted,

Cyril Pearl,
F. Bradford,
Allen Haines,

On motion,

Voted, That the sum of twenty-five dollars be appropriated and paid to Rev. Bro. Cyril Pearl, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Correspondence, for extra services and for expenses incurred by him in preparing the report of said committee.

The Grand Secretary reported to the Grand Lodge that the Board of Trustees of the Charity Fund, at a meeting thereof held on the previous evening, had voted to distribute, in charity, the sum of two hundred dollars.

The Grand Lodge was then called off until half past two o'clock p. M.

May 3, 1850.

The Grand Lodge was called to labor at two and a half o'clock p. m.

On motion,

Voted, That the thanks of the Grand Lodge be tendered to the several D. D. G. Masters, for the faithful manner in which they have discharged their important duties during the past year.

On motion,

Voted, That the sum of forty dollars be appropriated and paid to the Recording Grand Secretary for his services the past year.

R. W. Bro. Timothy Chase, D. D. G. Master of the ninth district, reported verbally that he had attended to the duties of his appointment, and that the lodges in that district are generally in a prosperous condition.

Report accepted.

The Grand Lodge then proceeded to the installation of the Grand Officers for the ensuing year. The M. W. Grand Master

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elect being absent and no Past Grand Officers being present to preside, the R. W. Charles B. Smith, being the oldest Past Master present, on request took the chair and installed, in due form, the R. W. John W. Lindley, as proxy of M. W. Joseph C. Stevens, Grand Master elect. R. W. Bro. Lindley then installed the R. W. John C. Humphreys, Deputy Grand Master, who thereupon installed the remaining Grand Officers elect; and the usual proclamation was made.

On motion,

Voted, That the Grand Treasurer be authorized to procure a suitable book case for the Grand Lodge library.

R. W. Bro. Williams, of Bangor, then offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the sum of twenty dollars be appropriated to the purchase of standard works on the history and progress of Ancient Masonry for the Grand Lodge library; and that the same, or such part thereof as may be found practicable, be expended for that purpose by R. W. Bro. Freeman Bradford, Senior Grand Warden, who is hereby constituted a committee for that purpose.

This resolution being read, was unanimously adopted. On motion,

Voted, That the text book presented by the Grand Lodge of Virginia, together with the question of its adoption as the standard of authority by this Grand Lodge, be referred to the committee on the work and lectures of the order.

The subject of publishing in a single volume the proceedings of this Grand Lodge from its organization, as proposed at the last annual communication, was now called up and considered, and, after due deliberation, referred to R. W. Bros. Haines of Portland, Covell of Jay, and Lord of Hallowell, with instructions to ascertain and report at the next annual communication the expense of publishing the same.

On motion,

Voted, That the sum of twenty dollars be appropriated and paid to R. W. Bro. Henry H. Boody, Grand Treasurer, for his efficient and faithful services in that office during the past year.

The Grand Lodge, having passed upon all matters before them,

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was then closed in due form, with prayer by Rev. Bro. Cyril Pearl, Grand Chaplain.

Attest, C. B. SMITH, Grand Secretary.

Portland, May 20, 1850.

The M. W. Grand Master makes and announces the following appointments of Grand Officers for the ensuing masonic year:

R.W. Allen Haines, Cor. Grand Secretary, Portland.

R.W.Daniel Winslow, D. D. G. M. 1st District, Portland.

R.W.Reuel Washburn, D. D. G. M. 2d District,  Livermore.

R.W. Eusebius Weston, D. D. G. M. 3d District,  Skowhegan,

R.W.Scott J. Tallman, D. D. G. M. 4th District,  Bath.

R.W. Wm. Somerby, D. D. G. M. 5th District,  Ellsworth.

R.W. John C. Talbot, D. D. G. M. 6th District,  East Machias.

R.W. Timothy H. Morse, D. D. G. M. 7th District,  Bangor.

R.W. Joshua Herrick, D. D. G. M. 8th District,  Kennebunk Port,

R.W. H. G. 0. Washburn, D. D. G. M. 9th District,  Belfast.

W. & Rev. Cyrus Cummings, Grand Chaplain, Portland.

W. & Rev. Eaton Shaw, Grand Chaplain, Gardiner.

W. & Rev. Cyril Pearl, Grand Chaplain,  Baldwin.

W & Rev. Joseph Hutchinson, Grand Chaplain,  Brunswick.

W. & Rev. John McDonald, Grand Chaplain,  Bangor.

W. Jonathan Smith, Grand Marshal, Westbrook,

W. Ebenezer G. Rawson, Grand Senior Deacon, Bangor.

W. Joseph Covell, Grand Junior Deacon, Jay.

W. John Purinton, Grand Steward, Portland.

W. Selah G. Dennis Grand Steward, East Thomaston

W. Eli Hoskins, Grand Steward, Old Town.

W. George Small, Grand Steward, Westbrook.

W. Samuel F. Hersey, Grand Sword Bearer, Bangor.

W.John C. Talbot, Jr., Grand Pursuivant, Lubec.

W. Ebenezer G. Eaton, Grand Pursuivant, Saco.

Bro. John Dain, Grand Tyler, Portland.

Committee on Foreign Correspondence.

R. W. Cyril Pearl, of Baldwin,

R. W. Freeman Bradford, of Portland,

R. W. Allen Haines, of Portland.

Attest, C. B. SMITH, Grand Secretary.

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[A reference, on page 121, led this Publication Committee to notice the existence of proceedings which had never been published, and examination of the written records brought to light the minutes of a special communication which is given below.]

A special communication of the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine was holden at Masons' Hall, in Portland, on the 22d day of January, a. d. 1850, and opened in ample form at 9-1/2 o'clock a. m.


M. W. JOSEPH C. STEVENS, Grand Master;

R. W. JOHN C. HUMPHREYS, Deputy Grand Master;

R. W. FREEMAN BRADFORD, Senior Grand Warden;

R. W. STEPHEN WEBBER, Junior Grand Warden;

R. W. HENRY H. BOODY, Grand Treasurer;

R. W. CHARLES B. SMITH, Rec. Grand Secretary;

R. W. ALLEN HAINES, Cor. Grand Secretary;

W. & Rev. CYRUS CUMMINGS, Grand Chaplain;

W. & Rev. CYRIL PEARL, Grand Chaplain;

W. JOHN ANDREWS, Grand Marshal p. t. ;

W. JOHN F. HARRIS, Grand Senior Deacon, p. t. ;

W. D. M. MITCHELL, Grand Junior Deacon, p. t. ;

W. GEORGE SMALL, Grand Steward;

W. F. L. TALBOT, Grand Steward; p. t. ;

W. WILLIAM WHITE, Grand Pursuivant, p. t. ;

W. THOMAS J. SANBORN, Grand Pursuivant, p. t. ;

Bro. JOHN DAIN, Grand Tyler.

Prayers were offered by Rev. Bro. Cummings, Grand Chaplain. The Grand Secretary was appointed a Committee on Creden-

Page 141

tials, and having attended to the duty assigned him, reported that in addition to the Grand Officers present, the following brethren were in attendance as officers and representatives of the following lodges, viz:

1 Portland, by William Kimball, M; R. W. Kennard, SW; Thomas J. Sanborn, JW.

2 Warren, by John F. Harris, M; F. L. Talbot, SW.

16 St George, by John Andrews, M.

17 Ancient Land-Mark, by B. C. Fernald, SW.

29 Tranquil, by William White, Proxy.

60 Aurora, by D. M. Mitchell, M.

Report accepted.

The Grand Secretary then laid upon the table circulars from the Grand Lodges of Maryland, the District of Columbia and Rhode Island in reference to the formation of a General Grand Lodge of the United States; and they were referred to Bros. Freeman Bradford, D. M. Mitchell and George Small.

On motion,

Voted, That Master Masons of good standing be invited to take seats as visitors in the Grand Lodge.

The Grand Secretary then laid before the Grand Lodge sundry circulars and published reports received from many of the Grand Lodges in the United States, including the contending parties in New York, relative to the unhappy difficulties that have arisen among the fraternity in that state.

Referred to R. W. Bros. Allen Haines, John C. Humphreys and Freeman Bradford.

The Masonic Text Book, received from the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, was then laid upon the table;

(whereupon the R. W. Bro. Bradford submitted the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted: Resolved, That the thanks of the Grand Lodge of Maine be, and hereby are tendered to the M. W. Grand Lodge of Virginia, for its compilation of the Constitutions of Masonry and masonic illustrations lately received by our Grand Secretary; and the same will be submitted for a report thereon, at our next annual communication.

Page 143

Freeport Lodge, and solicited pecuniary aid from the Grand Lodge in consequence of their loss by fire and other discouraging circumstances.

The subject was thereupon referred to Bros. Humphreys, Boody and Smith.

The Grand Lodge then called off until 2-1/2 o'clock p. m.

January 22,1850, 2-1/2 o'clock p. m.

The Grand Lodge was called to labor.

A communication was received from King David's Lodge, U. D., at Lincolnville, containing the dispensation under which they had organized, a transcript of their records, a copy of their bylaws and an application for a charter of constitution, with the fees for the same.

Referred to Bros. Bradford, Boody and Harris.

The committee to whom was referred the application of Freeport Lodge for aid, reported,

" That the application be referred to the Board of Trustees of the Charity Fund, as in the opinion of the committee, the matter submitted falls more appropriately within the range of the duties of that Board."

Read and accepted,


The committee appointed to consider the difficulties that have arisen among the masonic fraternity in the State of New York, have attended to that duty so far as their limited time would allow, and ask leave to report the accompanying resolutions.

All which is respectfully submitted,

Allen Haines
Jno. C. Humphreys
Freeman Bradford

1st. Resolved, That the Grand Lodge of Maine, in view of the unhappy schism, which has given rise to a plurality of Grand Lodges in the State of

Page 144

New York, does most earnestly beseech their brethren in that jurisdiction to apply the excellent precepts inculcated in our ritual as the only sovereign remedy for all their existing difficulties.

" 2d. Resolved, That there can be but one legitimate Grand Lodge in each state; and that this Grand Lodge fully recognizes, as the only legitimate Grand Lodge of the State of New York, that of which M. W. John D. Willard is, at present, Grand Master, and R. W. Robert R. Boyd, Grand Secretary.

"3d. Resolved, That the several subordinate lodges in this jurisdiction be instructed to refuse admission to all visitors from the State of New York, who do not furnish the proper evidence of connection with the Grand Lodge recognized by the foregoing resolution."

The foregoing report was accepted, and the resolutions, after being duly considered, were unanimously adopted.

On motion,

Voted, That the Grand Treasurer be authorized to loan to Freeport Lodge the sum of fifty dollars for two years, on such security as shall be satisfactory to him.

On motion,

Voted, The Grand Secretary be directed to forward to the several Grand Lodges in the United States, copies of the Constitutions and By-Laws of this Grand Lodge.

Voted, That the Grand Secretary prepare a circular embracing the action of this Grand Lodge in relation to the formation of a General Grand Lodge of the United States, and the difficulties in New York, and forward a copy thereof to each Grand Lodge in correspondence with this Grand Lodge, and to each subordinate lodge in this state.

The following report was then presented:

To the M. W. Grand Lodge of Maine:

The committee to whom was referred the application of the officers and members of King David's Lodge, under dispensation, at Lincolnville, for a charter of constitution, have considered the subject and report :

The application is accompanied with a copy of the by-laws of the lodge, an abstract of their proceedings since their organization, the dispensation and the fee required by the Constitution of this Grand Lodge.

The by-laws of the lodge are objectionable in some particulars, and the committee recommend the following amendments and alterations in order that they conform to the Constitution and General Regulations of the Grand Lodge:

Page 145

Section 2, of Article 1, should be amended by striking out all after the word expedient, so that the section shall read as follows:

"The W. M. shall have authority to call special meetings whenever he may deem it expedient."

Section 3 of the same article should be stricken out entirely, as conflicting with section 9 of the third article of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge.

Article 7 should be amended by striking out the proviso, that part of it being in conflict with Sec. 15, Fart 5th of the Constitution and General Regulations of the Grand Lodge of this state. The abstract of the proceedings of the lodge shows a conformity to the code of by-laws that have been adopted for its government, and in some particulars are also objectionable; bat your committee believe they will be done away with when the by-laws are amended agreeably to the foregoing suggestions. Your committee can see no objection why the request of the lodge should not be granted, and recommend the adoption of the following resolution.

Resolved, That a charter of constitution be issued to the officers and brethren named in the dispensation, agreeably to the regulations of this Grand Lodge, authorizing them to hold a lodge at Lincolnville by the name and style of King David's Lodge.


The foregoing report was accepted, and the resolution adopted.

No other business being offered, the Grand Lodge was then closed in ample form.

Attest, C. B. SMITH, Grand Secretary.

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Portland, 1, Portland. William Kimball, M; Richard W. Kennard, SW; Thomas J Sanborn, JW ; James R. Milliken, TR ; Elias M. Plimpton, S ; Freeman Bradford, SD ; Ezra S. Rradlee, JD ; Lemuel Bryant, SS; Joseph Fowler, JS ; Isaac Davis, T. Members, 83; initiates, 27; deceased, one.             District 1

Warren, 2, East Machias. John F. Harris, M; F. L. Talbot, SW; Frederick A. Wilson, JW ; Walter Robbins, TR ; C. H. Talbot, S ; S. T. Foster, SD ; Elijah Hall, JD ; Luther Hall, SS; E. S. Hanscom, JS ; Charles Townsend, T. Members 16; initiates, 1; deceased, 1.                              District 6

Lincoln, 3, Wiscasset. Henry Clark, M; Asa F. Hall,sw; Thomas B. Johnston, JW ; John B. Mange, TR ; Frederick A. Sawyer, S ; Erastus Foote, Jr., SD ; Edmund Connor, JD ; Alfred McLean, SS; Andrew Herbert, JS ; James Clark, T. Members, 29; initiates, 6.                                  District  4

Kennebec, 5, Hallowell. Francis J. Day, M; Stephen Lord, SW; James H. Withington, JW ; Nathaniel Stevens, TR ; William Nye, S ; Ira Cass, SD ; Robert G. Handy, JD ; Isaac Foster, SS; John A. Ewers, JS ; Daniel Russell, T. Members, 28; initiates, 9.                                           District  3

Amity, 6, Camden. William Merriam, M; Austin Sweetland, SW; James R. Glover, JW ; E. G. Knight, TR ; J. G. Norwood, S ; Oliver Andrews, SD ; Samuel Chase, JD ; George W. Glover, SS; Benjamin Crabtree, 2d, JS ; Isaiah Barbour, T. Members, 47; initiates, 12; rejected, 1; deceased, 3.          District 9

-Eastern, 7, Eastport. John L. Bowman, M; Joseph Gunnison, SW; Charles James, JW ; Thomas Parker, TR ; Alden Bradford, S ; John Regan, SD ;Samuel Kyle, JD ; 3. R. Byram, SS; Joshua Bradford, JS ; --,t. Members, 32; initiates, 6; rejected, 1.                           District  6

United, 8, Brunswick. John D. Lincoln, M; Theodore S. McLellan, SW; Horace P. Hubbard, JW ; Richard Greenleaf, TR ; Ephraim Brown, S ; OctaviusA. Merrill, SD ; Artemas Coburn, JD ; Ward Coburn, SS; Henry M. Weston,-js; Moses M. Marsh, T. Members, 42; initiates, 2.                        District 1

Saco, 9, Saco. Frederick D. Edgerly, M; Thurston Lib by, SW; Elijah Smith

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jw ; Richard Bowden, TR ; John Elden, S ; Warren Ware, SD ; C. W. Scammon, JD ; James Smith, Jr., SS; Stephen Everett, JS ; William P. M. Cale, T. Members, 26; initiates, 2. District 8

Rising Virtue, 10, Bangor. Timothy H. Morse, M; Jonathan Burbank, SW; Ebenezer G. Rawson, JW ; Joseph C. Stevens, TR ; Silas Alden, S ; Jabez True, SD ; Samuel F. Hersey, JD ; Samuel B. Brown, SS; Herman Fisher, JS ; Simeon Everton, T. Members 50; initiates, 15; rejected, 3.          District 7

Oriental, 13, Bridgton. John Kilborn, M; Abraham M. Savage, SW; Samuel Andrews, 2d, JW ; James Flint, TR ; Eben Kilborn, S ; C. J Adams, SD ; Abner Smith, JD ; A. S. Frisbee, SS; George Peirce, JS ; John Burnell, T. Members, 14; initiates, 2 ; deceased, 1.                      District  2

Solar, 14, Bath. Scott J. Tallman, M; A. J. Fuller, SW; John G. Richardson, JW ; Davis Hatch, TR ; Abiezer Matthews, S ; John S. Elliot, SD ; Edward H. Magoun, JD ; John H. Kimball, SS; J. M. Adams, JS ; John Young, T. Members, 43; initiates 6.                             District 4

Orient, 15, Thomaston. Edward Boyles, M; John O'Brien, SW; George Crawford, JW ; Robert Walsh, TR ; J. D. Barnard, S ; Benjamin Carr, SD ; William Singer, JD ; Enoch Carlton, SS; Eben Creighton, js ; ------ -----, T. Members, 25; initiates, 1; deceased, 1; expelled 1.            District 4

St. George, 16, Warren. Stoddard Bosworth, M; John Andrews, SW; Samuel Hinkley, JW ; Amos H. Hodgman, TR ; W. H. Wetherbee, S ; Edmund B. Hinkley, SD ; Stephen B. Dockham, jd.; John W. Richmond ss; James Andrews, JS ; James Kirkpatrick, T. Members, 28; initiates, four.   District 4

Ancient Land-Mark, 17, Portland. John B. Coyle, M; Benjamin C. Fernald, SW; Amos E. Howell, JW ; Henry H. Boody, TR ; Caleb Chase, S ; Charles Fobes, SD ; Fred. W. Nichols, JD ; Jonathan M. Knapp, SS; William A. Quincy, JS ; John Dain, T. Members, 104; initiates, 29; deceased, 1.    District 1

Felicity, 19, Bucksport. Thomas Goodale, M; Henry Silsby, SW; James Goodale, JW ; Sewall Lake, TR ; D. C. Homer, S ; John H. Sherman, SD ;Nahum F. Hill, JD ; --, SS; --, JS ; Richard C.Abbot, T. Members, 12; initiates, 5.                                                                             District 5

Maine, 20, Farmington. Moses Sherburne, M; William Tripp, SW; Edwin Ellis, JW ; Philip M. Stubbs, TR ; Joseph D. Prescott, S ; John H. Willard, SD ; Curtis Smith, JD ; John T. Taylor, SS; John Trask, Jr., JS ; Hiram Webster, T. Members, 17 ; initiates, 12; deceased, 2.                     District 3

Oriental Star, 21, Livermore. Robert Blacker, M; Joseph Covell, SW; Peter F. Hathaway, JW ; Reuel Washburn, TR ; Gideon Ellis, S ; Daniel Austin, SD ; Asa Austin, JD ; Ebenezer Hinds, SS; Isaac S. Daily, JS ; Samuel P. Holman, T. Members, 22; initiates, 1.                         District  2

Phoenix, 21, Belfast. H. G. O. Washburn, M; Hiram Chase, SW; Daniel Howard, JW ; James P. Farber, TR ; Oshea Page, S ; William 0. Poor

Page 148

sd ; H. R. Kimball, JD ; William Holt,ss; Thomas R. Shute, JS ; Ezekiel Burgess, T. Members, 42; initiates, 11; deceased, 1; rejected, 4                                                   District 9

Adoniram, 27, Limington. James McArthur, M; William Cobb, SW; Ebenezer H. McLellan, JW ; Arthur McArthur, TR ; Stephen C. Watson, S ; Jabez Hobson, SD ; Josiah P. Quimby, JD ; Thomas Lord, SS; William Boulter, JS ; Benjamin Blake, T. Members, 45; initiates, 14; deceased, one.    District 8

Northern Star, 28, Anson. Moses Moore, M; John Pierce, SW; William Rowell, JW ; Benjamin Steward, TR ; Albert Moore, S ; John H. Fletcher, SD ; James Y. Cleaveland, JD ; Simeon Maynard, SS; Benjamin F. Rowell, JS ; Walter Spaulding, T. Members, 46; initiates, 5.                             District 3

Tranquil, 29, Danville. Augustus Callahan, M; William White, SW; Hiram Adams, Jr., JW ; William Kilbourne, TR ; Jacob Herrick, S ; Samuel H. Wilson, SD ; Daniel Reed, Jr., JD ; Marshall Ford, SS; Ossian Z. Cole, JS ; Silas Morse, T. Members, 50; initiates, 12; deceased, 2.                        District  2

Blazing Star, 30, Rumford. Nathaniel B. Crockett, M; Colman Goodwin* sw; Caleb Bessey, Jr., JW ; Hezekiah Hutchins, Jr., TR ; George G. Bragg, S ; James N. Brickett, SD ; Benjamin W. Tinglay, JD ; Alvan Bolster, SS; David Kimball, JS ; Farnham Abbot, T. Members, 22; initiates, 6.                  District 2

Union, 31, Union. Gilbert M. Blackington, M; George S. Littlehale, SW; Philo Thurston, JW ; Ebenezer Cobb, TR ; Nelson Cutler, S ; John Par-doe, SD ; Edward Alden, JD ; Benjamin B. Blackington, SS; John C. Robbins, JS ; George Cum mi ngs, T. Members, 36; initiates, 4.                                    District 4

Hermon, 32, Gardiner. Moses Springer, M; James McCurdy, SW; James Tarbox, JW; Wm. H. Byram, TR ; Edmund A. Chad wick, S ; William H. Lord, SD; John Brown, JD ; Thomas Briery, SS; Frederick Blood, JS ; J. Y. Gray, T. Members, 49; initiates, 11; deceased, 1.                            District  3

Waterville, 33, Waterville. Jeremiah Arnold, M; Wadsworth Chipman, SW; John Ranstead, JW ; T. O. Saunders, TR ; Wm. E. Harris, S ; J. H. Drummond, SD ; Hall Chase, JD ; S. H. Prescott, SS; H. P. Cousins, JS ; Stephen Tozier, T. Members, 25; initiates, 2.                     District  3

Somerset, 34, Skowhegan. Joseph Philbrick, M; William B. Morrill, SW; Joseph Bigelow, JW ; John Whitten, TR ; Eusebius Weston, S ; Abraham Wyman, SD ; Henry B. Neil, JD ; James Frost, SS; John K. Russell, JS ; Darius Daggett, T. Members, 34; initiates, 9.                            District 3

Bethlehem, 35, Augusta. Eri Wills, M; George W. Jones, SW; B. F. Chandler, JW ; Henry Winslow, TR ; Eben Blatchford, S ; Amasa Kelley, SD ; Moses E. Hamlin, JD ; Orrin Rowe, SS; C. J. Libby, JS ; Joshua Rollins, jr.. Members, 73; initiates, 16,; deceased, 1; rejected, 1.                       District 3

Washington, 37, Lubec. John C Talbot, Jr.. m; Samuel P. Fowler, SW; George T. Hunter, JW ; Joseph .Sumner, TR ; Levi Caswell, S ; Samuel

Page 149

Starbird, SD ; J. W. Goodwin, JD ; Ebenezer Oakes, SS; Salathiel Nickerson, JS ; John Davidson, T. Members, 35; initiates, 6; deceased, 1.                                           District 6

Harmony, 38, Gorham. Josiah Pierce, M; Seward Merrill, SW; William Burton, JW ; George Small, TR ; Edwin M. Burton, S ; William Silla, SD ; Merrill Thomas, JD ; Bryce M. Edwards, SS; Thomas Hasty, JS ; George L. Darling, T. Members, 29; initiates, 12; rejected, 1.                        District 1

Penobscot, 39, Dexter. George Cutler, M; L. C. Morgan, SW; Isaac M. Russ, JW ; Nathaniel Dustin, TR ; George Fitzgerald, S ; Miles Doyle, SD ; T. P. Sawyer, JD ; William Morgan, SS; Thomas E. Rogers, JS ; Morrill Prescott, T. Members, 38; initiates, 1; suspended for nonpayment of dues, 9.          District  7

Lygonia, 40, Ellsworth. William Somerby, M; Elijah L. McAllen, SW; Daniel P. Lake, JW ; Seth Paddleford, TR ; Stillman H. Sawyer, S ; Spofford P. Thomas, SD ; Oliver P. Thomas, JD ; Edward B. Fifield, SS; Bancroft W. Thomas, JS ; Charles H. Barton, T. Members, 39; initiates, 6; deceased, 1; rejected, 1.                                                                       District 5

Central, 45, China. James H. Brainard, M; Thomas B. Lincoln, SW; Edward Gray, JW ; Amasa Taylor, TR ; Josiah F. Clark, S ; Thomas Clark, SD ; William M. Maxfield, JD ; Bela Burrell, SS; Henry White, JS ; Caleb Parmenter, T. Members, 18; initiates, 6.                                                   District 3

Lafayette, 48, Readfield. Josiah Whittier, 2d, M; Josiah F. Taylor, SW; William C. Fuller, JW ; David Smith, TR ; Jacob Gil man, S ; Robert Williams, SD ; Ira S. Chapman, JD ; George S. Currier, SS; J. S. Fille-brown, JS ; E. Fuller, T. Members, 16; initiates, 7.                              District 3

Meridian Splendor, 49, Newport. Hiram Rose, M; Granville Street, SW; Hezekiah Lancaster, JW ; Edmund Pilsbury, TR ; Thomas Croswell, S ; Joseph Knight, SD ; Abel W. Chapin, JD ; James Currier, SS; S. S. May, JS ; John Robbins, T. Members, 30; initiates, 13; rejected, 1.                   District 7

Aurora, 50, East Thomaston. Constant Rankin, M; H. R. Walworth, SW; Charles Holmes, JW ; Samuel Libby, TR ; E. H. Cochran, S ; Samuel B. Dodge, SD ; Hiram Sprague, JD ; O. P. Mitchell, SS; F. M. Blackington, JS ; Josiah J. Brown, T. Members, 45; initiates, 10; rejected, 2.               District 4

Mosaic, 52, Dover. Luther Chamberlain, M; Judah M. Hackett, SW; E. B. Averill, JW ; Charles Chandler, TR ; James S. Holmes, S ; Benjamin Hassel, SD ; Paul Douglass, JD ; Salmon Holmes, SS; Woodman W. Magoon, JS ; William P. Brown, T. Members, 18; initiates, 2; deceased, one.                District  7

Unity, 58, Freedom. William Megray, M; James Hall, SW; John Winslow, JW ; Ivory Lord, TR ; John C. Glidden, S ; Thomas S. Keen, SD ; William Ross, JD ; Moses O. Robinson, SS; Benjamin A. Lowell, JS ; Benjamin Briggs, T. Members, 28; initiates, 6; rejected, 2.                                          District  9

Mount Hope, 59, Hope. John Lermond, M; John S. Chitman, SW; David Hull, JW ; Walter Philbrick, TR ; Henry Hobbs, S ; Daniel Howard, SD ;

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Charles Fisk, JD ; Moses G. Metcalf, SS; Eben Philbrick, JS ; Thomas P. White, T. Members, 14; initiates, 1.                                                                        District 9

Star in the East, 60, Old Town. Eli Hoskins, M; Hiram Smith, SW; Ira Wallace, JW ; Foster Wood, TR ; Samuel W. Hoskins, S ; George P. Sew-all, SD ; John H. Smith, JD ; Samuel Chapman, SS; Charles Ham, JS ; Joseph Moulton, T. Members, 55; initiates, 18; deceased, 1; rejected, one.          District  7

King Solomon's, 61, Waldoboro*. John Balch, M; Thomas Genthner, SW; Lewis S. Soule, JW ; James Cook, TR ; Aaron Kaler, S ; Henry Clay, SD ; Jacob W. Kaler, JD ; Rufus Rich, SS; Hiram Brown, JS ; Charles Van-nah, T. Members, 28; initiates, 10.                                             District  4

King David's, 62, Lincolnville. Robert Davis, M; A. D. Knight, SW; Israel Decrow, Jr., JW ; David Howe, TR ; James Perry, S ; Minot Crehore, SD ; John H. Cutting, JD ; Henry Crehore, SS; David Decrow, JS ; Thomas Whithan, T. Members, 17; initiates, 9.                                         District  9